Scott Radford

Single Store Franchisee
Fitchburg, MA

“I was in law enforcement and knew I wanted to make a change. I looked around for opportunities to invest in and go after my dream of owning my own successful business. I have always been into fitness and shopped at local supplement stores. After receiving sub-par customer service, I talked to my wife and told her we could open a supplement store, give excellent customer service, and in turn, do very well. We researched several options and came across a Nutrishop ad in a magazine. Since there was no Nutrishop closer than 100 miles, we drove a while to visit a couple to get a feel for the type of store it was. After that, I had a phone call with corporate, which impressed me even more. After a short conversation with my wife, we decided to change careers and give Nutrishop a shot.

The supportive, family-type environment that Nutrishop corporate has created for their store owners has been second to none. Being a new store in an entirely new area for Nutrishop, we were a little worried initially. But with hard work, incredible products, and a customer-first attitude, we have seen continuous growth in sales. Nutrishop, as a whole, never fails to amaze me. Thank you for not being like most companies out there! You really have our backs. You put the stores ahead of all and treat us like family.”


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