Sky Shelton

Single Store Franchisee
Lexington, KY

“In 2011, I decided to change my life for the better. I got a gym membership at a very popular gym and started working out every day. Every time I walked into the gym, I would see a logo on shaker cups, T-shirts, and towels: the Nutrishop logo. I had no clue what it meant, so I asked.

I wanted to be a part of whatever this Nutrishop thing was. I was directed to Nutrishop Hendersonville, where they welcomed me with open arms. I invested in supplements and vitamins to help with my journey and quickly reached my goals. In two years, I became a sponsored athlete with Nutrishop and had a closet full of those T-shirts that once intrigued me.

After relocating to a different state, to my surprise, I found that a Nutrishop was being built directly next door to my new job. I introduced myself to the owner and helped him unload boxes while discussing my Nutrishop past. Six more months later, after a promotion, I had to relocate a few towns away. I joined a gym and directly inside was a small Nutrishop Pro Shop. It’s like Nutrishop was haunting me! After a few weeks, I met my now fiancée inside that Pro Shop. Nutrishop has directed my path from day one by helping me learn about being healthy, allowing me to become a part of the Nutrishop ecosystem, meeting owners that became my friends, and leading me to my future wife.

It didn’t take me long to realize that owning a Nutrishop was the smartest decision for me, considering all the blessings just being around it has brought into my life. I simply went through the process, and the corporate support team has been just as helpful as the rest of my Nutrishop experiences. Now I am a proud owner of Nutrishop Lexington in Kentucky, and it all sparked from seeing random Nutrishop T-shirts in a local gym.”


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