Adam Richardson

Single Store Franchisee
Tupelo, MS

“Before taking over Nutrishop Tupelo, I was working at a furniture factory as a supervisor. I had been with the furniture company for about 10 years and was really ready for change. So, when I was asked to take over our local Nutrishop location as the manager, I was interested as I had always had a passion for health and fitness. However, it turned out that I could not afford to leave my current job just to manage the store. With that, I was then offered the opportunity to buy the store outright. I was unsure of how I could make that happen financially, but I decided to go out to California to meet with some of the staff from Nutrishop corporate and learn more about the Nutrishop business model. After that meeting, I was all in and decided to give my notice to my current employer and move forward with purchasing the Nutrishop location.

At this point, I welcomed the challenge and was ready to turn the store turn around and take it to new heights. It took everything I had plus some to be able to purchase the store. I am extremely thankful to my parents, who had faith in me and helped me with a loan. I am also thankful for my supportive wife, who also had faith in me. Without them, I would not have been able to do it. Thankfully, with plenty of hard work so far, the gamble has paid off. I am so fortunate to get to go to work every day to a business that I absolutely love! I believe the biggest factor for the store’s success is due to pure hustle along with the relationships I have built with my customers. Couple that with all of the incredible products Nutrishop offers, the incredible results our customers achieve along with our guaranteed low prices, and you have a recipe for success.”


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