Now is the time to take charge of your future.

This is your chance to serve others in a thriving market with an unrivaled wellness franchise model.


We have the experience.

Each member of our core team brings over 20 years’ experience in the sports nutrition, vitamin, weight loss, and wellness retail industry to our franchise system. We continuously and thoroughly study the trends and competition variables of this industry to stay ahead of the game. We have developed an extensive network with leading supplement companies, manufacturers, and distributors. We are confident and proud that Nutrishop stores maintain an edge over the competition.

We meet the need.

Over half of Americans – 57% – have prioritized health and wellness as their main focus for self-improvement and fund allocation, and 77% of Americans take dietary supplements regularly. We meet that need with our vast array of premium, cutting-edge dietary and nutritional supplements combined with invaluable services such as meal plans, body assessment tools, and our customer-first attitude.

The time is right.

The supplement industry is booming! In fact, Americans spend approximately $2.1 billion each year just on weight loss nutrition supplements. In 2018, the supplement market sales in the U.S. soared to over $42 billion. Worldwide, the market value for this industry will reach over $270 billion by 2028. The time is right to get involved now! Best of all, as a health and nutrition retailer, Nutrishop is an essential business; our stores continue to operate and thrive, even during challenging economic times like the recent pandemic.


Over 20 years of experience in the sports nutrition industry.


57% of Americans have prioritized health and wellness.


77% of Americans take dietary supplements regularly.


The estimated global market value for this industry by 2028.

Need more reasons to join Nutrishop and own your own wellness franchise?

Trusted Model

You can rely on a trusted, established business model that people respond to and rave about.

Purchasing Power

Take advantage of our purchasing power and get direct access to hundreds of exclusive products.

No Royalties

Our no-royalties franchise business model sets us apart from the competition.

Protected Territories

You will operate your store, backed by a national brand, within your own protected territory.

National Campaigns

Leverage national campaigns that you and your customers can really get excited about.

Revenue Streams

Take advantage of multiple revenue stream opportunities including retail supplements, online, and more.


Ready to get started?

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