Ancira Vanderkallen

Single Store Franchisee
N. Fontana, CA

“I have been working with the Nutrishop family for about 15 years now. I say “family” because that’s what it truly feels like. For 10 of those 15 years, I have been the owner of my own store in Southern California. I opened a Nutrishop franchise because of my passion for health and fitness; second, my desire to help others achieve their fitness goals; and third, it is an industry that grows every year. Lastly, who doesn’t want to be their own boss and control their earning potential, which in this case is unlimited?

I can honestly say that the Nutrishop corporate team is a tremendous asset to my success and truly cares about each store owner and their success. My business doubled within one year and it continues to grow each year. Although the economy was at an all-time low when I opened my store and many of my friends and acquaintances doubted its success, I was able to prove them wrong by letting them see firsthand that this industry is extremely resilient and that the majority of the public either wants to look better and/or feel better. That will never go “out of style”! I love my business! Thanks, Nutrishop!”


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