Carlos Figueroa

Single Store Franchisee
Colorado Springs, CO

"Hi everyone, my name is Carlos Figueroa. Beginning in 2006, I was the store manager of the Nutrishop in Chico, CA. In 2008, I opened my own Nutrishop in Roseville, CA. After opening I felt a personal obligation to serve our country and enlisted in the United States Army.

I have seen Nutrishop grow tremendously over the past 17 years and I am very proud of what everyone has done. I am currently opening up a Nutrishop in Colorado Springs, CO as it has been my home over the last 11 years since leaving the Army here at Fort Carson. I am super excited not only to help people and make a difference in our community, but knowing that Nutrishop Corporate has essentially created a "fail safe" system by implementing the online owners' portal. These internal resources are invaluable tools for success.

Back in 2006, we could've only dreamed of something like this! Technology has come so far in the last 17 years and to have all of these attributes at our fingertips is outstanding. I look forward to the continued education with these tools and it adding to the success of Nutrishops all over the country. God Bless!"


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