Dale Kitt

Single Store Franchisee
Vacaville, CA

“Before I opened a Nutrishop, I was working as a personal trainer during the beginning of the recession (‘08–’09). The recession caused me to seek secondary employment to make ends meet, which led me to the sports nutrition industry and working at a retail nutrition store. In May 2010, I was hired at a Nutrishop location to manage the store. I quickly realized this was something I could do. Within eight months, I acquired the funds to open my own store. Today, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

As a Nutrishop franchisee, I have an incredible corporate team behind me with decades of experience in the industry, which gives me a certain level of comfort. The team at Nutrishop corporate is easily accessible, and they genuinely care about us and our success.

Also, as a Nutrishop franchisee, I have access to more than 160 exclusive, cutting-edge product SKUs, which allows me to deliver the best, most effective products. These high-quality products afford me tremendous customer loyalty as my customers repeatedly return to pick up their favorite supplements. Coupled with a strong operator, I honestly don’t know how another nutrition store can even compete with the Nutrishop business model.

Another benefit of being a Nutrishop franchisee? I have an extremely positive networking environment with other owners who strive to build each other up and help each other grow in our success! We truly are a family!”


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