Gunnar Swanson

Single Store Franchisee
Rapid City, SD

“I had been working in the fitness industry off and on over the last 15 years, doing everything from being a personal trainer to managing health clubs. I got into the health and wellness field because I loved fitness, nutrition, and helping others achieve what they previously thought was impossible. However, after years of being an area manager for a group of health clubs, I noticed that all the things I loved about fitness and health became less and less of a focus in my work. I found myself regularly working 50+ hours a week to grow someone else’s businesses. I realized that if I put as much effort and time into my OWN business as I was working for someone else’s, and if I had the right business model aligned with my passion for fitness, there was no way I couldn’t succeed. Nutrishop gave me that opportunity, all while still allowing me to get back to the thing I loved most about the fitness industry: helping others.

Nutrishop is unique and approaches the brick-and-mortar nutrition franchise from a totally new approach, focusing on the customer experience and helping them get results rather than product sales. As of this writing, our Nutrishop has become a reference point for health, wellness, and fitness education in our community. We know our customers by name, and the vast majority see us regularly to check their progress and get our guidance and help. No other nutrition shop I know does that or does it so well. I believe Nutrishop will be growing rapidly across the country due to the very unique services we provide.”


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