Jenny Cortez

Single Store Franchisee
McKinney, TX

"In 2019 I went through a fitness journey and weight loss transformation. I dropped 50 pounds and 20% body fat in 6 months and walked on-stage for my first bodybuilding contest on December 19. I brought home a trophy that night! Nutrishop’s amazing high-quality supplements, plus its knowledgeable team members helped me reach my goal.

My husband and I have always wanted to get a business to call our own. I thought that if someone like me, with limited initial fitness and nutrition experience, can go through a weight loss excursion by taking the right supplements and having great guidance from team Nutrishop, why not open a Nutrishop store and share that proven concept?! The opportunity to do this presented itself in early October 2021 and we couldn’t resist. We just opened up our store on March 7, 2022, in McKinney Texas, inside 24-hour Fitness!

The Nutrishop corporate crew made the development smooth and straightforward. They provided great support in this new endeavor of ours with their incredible training systems and answering all questions throughout the process. We are excited to join the wonderful Nutrishop team and help many other people achieve their health, fitness, and wellness goals. We look forward to many successful years and plan on opening more Nutrishop stores in the future!"


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