Shylow Robinson

Multiple Store Franchisee
London, KY

“I started as a Nutrishop store manager for approximately three years before I was presented with the opportunity to purchase the location I was managing and take ownership of the Nutrishop in London, Kentucky. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the Nutrishop family working with me through the process. I was a guy who didn’t have much money at the time, and they were with me every step of the way to make the transition possible. I’m beyond thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given with Nutrishop.

Before all this, I worked 10 hours a day detailing RV’s, killing myself to make a living. Now I finally get to do something I am passionate about and absolutely love! It wasn’t but two years after ownership of the London, KY store that my father and I were blessed enough to open our second Nutrishop location in Somerset, KY and it’s going great! It wasn’t a hard decision for me to make after being a manager for three years and seeing how successful the business could be if you put your heart and soul into it! If you’re reading this and considering opening a Nutrishop franchise, and if you have a passion for health and fitness, an incredible work ethic, and enjoy helping others, I promise you it’s worth it! I can say with confidence that the Nutrishop team can help you make it possible!”


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