Steps to Opening

Here are the ten steps to opening your own Nutrishop supplement franchise.

1) Submit Application

Thank you for your interest! This is an opportunity for you to potentially own your own Nutrishop location and change lives for the better! The very first step of our qualifying process is simple. Just fill out our short Online Application. This will allow us to get to know you a little better.

2) Phone Consultation

Get your questions ready! Once we receive your application, assuming you’ve met the initial financial requirements, a representative will call you to discuss your level of interest, go over the details of the Nutrishop store franchise opportunity, and answer any questions you may have that weren’t addressed in our FAQ section. If at the end of the call (or later if you need a little more time), you feel that the Nutrishop store franchise opportunity is a great fit, let us know so your application and file can be reviewed by our team for preliminary approval.

3) Franchise Disclosure Document

If pre-approved, and if you think the Nutrishop business model may be a good fit for you, we’ll send our current Nutrishop retail store Franchise Disclosure Document to you via email. This is an important document that dives in deep about what to expect and what store ownership entails. Please carefully go through it at your convenience. It should answer any lingering questions you may have about owning a Nutrishop franchise or it may spark additional questions that we’d be happy to answer for you. We’re here for you and want to answer all your questions and make sure you’re well informed prior to making your decision.

4) Approval Process

If you’ve reviewed the Nutrishop retail store Franchise Disclosure Document, and you’re ready to take the next step, you may be invited down to our corporate office in Southern California to meet some of our internal staff who you may be working with. After that, and, after you’ve had any and all questions answered adequately, it’s time for a final review of your application and file. Don’t worry. We just want to make sure this is going to be a great opportunity for you and for us. We’re all about being a team here at Nutrishop.

5) Territory Selection

It’s time to pick your territory! Odds are you already have your eye on a specific city or territory. Great! We will assist you in determining whether or not the territory makes sense for a Nutrishop location based on specific criteria, including but no limited to, population density and average household income.

6) Sign Franchise Agreement

If you’ve received our final stamp of approval on your application, the next step will be to sign your Nutrishop Franchise Agreement. This is super exciting! Now you’re well on your way.

7) Store Lease

Location. Location. Location! It can make or break a business. You are primarily responsible for making the final selection for a site for your store, but we would be happy to help in the site selection process and will ultimately approve sites that meet our general guidelines for Nutrishop stores. Throughout this process, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with our commercial real estate broker at no cost to you. He will work on your behalf to help you find the best location possible utilizing his expertise as well as U.S. Census Data, consumer profiles, and demographic research to help you in your search. This critical data, coupled with key factors such as location size, visibility, traffic counts, anchor tenancy, co-tenancy, rental rates, lease terms and competition variables, will allow you to make an educated decision regarding your site selection.

8) Training Program

We want to see you hit the ground running. That’s why we require and provide an extensive, 2-week orientation training program for two attendees free of charge (excluding travel-related expenses). This program will cover everything you need to know in order to properly operate a Nutrishop store. Beyond that, we offer continuing education programs and training on matters related to the successful operation of your Nutrishop store and will make our team available to you for ongoing consultation.

9) Store Buildout

Once your location has been selected and approved, we will set up a timeline of events that will end with the grand opening of your Nutrishop store. Our experts will guide you through the entire process of building out and setting up your Nutrishop store, which will include a digital rendering of your store. Rest assured, we will hold your hand through this entire process. We’re here for you!

10) Grand Opening

You’ve made it! You’re a Nutrishop franchisee and now it’s time to open those doors for business. Let’s do this!

Take the next step!

Now that you have an overview of the steps, it's time to turn your passion for fitness and nutrition into your own business with a Nutrishop supplement franchise. Inquire today using the form linked below.